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Manny says, “It’s the easiest!”  

Press and CLICK Strip  

Actually looks like wood...  

...because it IS wood!  

ZERO chemicals  

ZERO rainforest wood  

100% recyclable  

Less than 3% waste  

20+/25+ year lifespan  

PEFC certified for LEED (THERMORY®Pine)  

JEM™ Joints (THERMORY®Ash)  

You don’t know Manny!?

Thermory® Science & Benefits

Award Winning Waterfront Project

Manny Goes Hardcore on THERMORY® Barn Doors

Manny Goes Hardcore on THERMORY® Shower Wall

Manny Demonstrates PaCS™ Cladding

Want to know where to land some PaCS™?


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You don’t know Manny!?
Ask MannyManny is a hardcore dude with legit reno skills. Manny and Thermory® have a serious bromance going on, and it goes far beyond decking.
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